Wood Fence vs. Chain Link: Which Fence Is Right for You?

chain link fence and wood fence in backyard

Fences offer a practical solution to many different property problems. With the right fence material, you can increase privacy and security throughout your whole home, add curb appeal, and create a space for children or pets to play outside year-round. Your commercial building can be kept safer with a fence, plus it helps prevent damage from shipping, transportation, and more. There’s no doubt that residential and commercial properties can benefit from fences. But once you’ve decided to contact one of the many fence companies in Cape May, NJ, you still have an important task: choosing a fence material!

Two of the most popular types of fences are wood fences and chain-link fences. While both types of fences can be installed to upgrade your property in a major way, quite a few differences set them apart. If you’re trying to pick between these two great options, this guide is for you! Keep reading to get more information on whether you should choose a chain link fence or a wood fence.

Why Choose Wooden Fences

Classy, Timeless Appearance

When it comes to making your home or commercial property look spiffy, nothing beats a new wood fence’s tidy, rustic appearance. Wooden fences haven’t gone out of style in the past hundred years (and in our opinion as one of the top fence companies in Delaware, they aren’t going anywhere for at least another century)!

Versatile Styling

Wooden fences come in many different shapes and sizes, from traditional options like split-rail fences to more modern arch board fences. If you want your fence to match the architectural styling of your building, there’s a wood fence option out there for you, no matter how historical or contemporary your property is.

Endless Customization Options

With this type of fence, the customization doesn’t stop at being able to choose shapes and sizes for your fence boards. You can also have your wooden fence stained or painted any color you can imagine, so it looks like it’s always been there!

Drawbacks of Wooden Fences

Can Cost More

A custom wooden fence will almost always cost more to install than a chain-link fence due to the costs of lumber, installation, additional labor, and more. While we strive to keep all of our fencing options affordable, a custom wood fence is not the “budget” fencing choice you might be searching for, especially if you’re a commercial property owner.


Wood fences require more thorough and frequent maintenance than chain-link fences. Over years of exposure to the elements, the paint will fade, the stain will wear off, and insects and other pests can nibble away at the wood. While staying on top of maintenance can help prevent some of these problems, if you have a lot of property to fence in, it’s worth considering if you have time for that much maintenance.

Why Choose Chain-Link Fences

Maximum Height for Maximum Safety

In theory, any fence can be built to be tall enough to keep out any intruder or trespasser from a property. However, if you’re building a fence with height in mind, chain-link fences are far superior. A chain-link fence will stand tall for years due to its lightweight construction while also boasting the strength of galvanized metal. It won’t sag over time like a wood fence can when it’s built too high to account for its weight.

Easy to Care For

If you don’t have the time to deal with fence maintenance, you’ll love a chain-link fence for your property. You won’t have to check for pests, ensure posts are intact, or repaint or restain every few years. In fact, you won’t even have to worry about rust because chain-link fences are treated using a special coating that prevents moisture from rusting them away.

Pro tip: If you currently have a rusted chain-link fence, you can always give us a call to check if the metal has been treated. We’d be happy to work on your fence using our special process while making any necessary replacements or alterations.

Drawbacks of Chain-Link Fences

Less Customization Available

While chain-link fences can be any height or thickness you want, there are fewer color and shape options for this type of fencing. If your property’s aesthetics matter a lot to you, you may have to add extra elements to your fencing that reflect this.

May Need Additional Privacy Features

Chain-link fences have a glaring problem for anyone interested in property privacy — you can see right through the chain links! Because of this issue, these fences are sometimes overlooked by home or business owners who assume privacy is impossible with chain-link fences. However, don’t assume that you can’t have both! If you need additional property privacy or security, we can add different screens, panels, and more to your chain-link fence to ensure that everything stays secure and confidential.

Fencing Contractors You Can Trust

Have you decided which kind of fence you’d prefer for your property? Ultimately, the final say is up to you! When it comes to important factors such as safety, security, and curb appeal, everyone has different needs. At FenceUSA, we’re happy to meet any and all of those needs for your residential or commercial property. For more information, get in touch with us today!