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FenceUSA - Formely Known as Amechi Fence


Every homeowner wants to have a fence that’s beautifully designed, perfectly installed, and able to stand the test of time. You need to trust that the team doing the installation will establish and define your property line right the first time around. For over 35 years, the Turnersville area has trusted the name Amechi with its fencing needs. Now, as FenceUSA, we’re still providing the same trusted quality fences, only under a new name! No matter what we’re called, our Initial promise remains the same — providing our customers with the best fences at the best price on the market. FenceUSA aims to help our long-standing Amechi customers get the type of fence that sets them apart from their neighbors and clearly defines their property lines. We are among the best fencing companies in Egg Harbor Township and the surrounding area.

Founded as Amechi Fence — Same Quality as FenceUSA

Amechi Fence was founded in Turnersville, NJ, over 35 years ago, and intended to provide the area with the best value money can buy for their fencing needs. The FenceUSA promise boiled down to providing customers with “the best fence at the best price.” Ensuring this promise was kept began with manufacturing the cedar wood fence posts by hand.

As time marched on, fence manufacturing techniques evolved, and so did the kind of styles and materials we could offer Amechi fencing customers. From vinyl, aluminum, wood, chain link, split rail, and privacy fences, we have the variety homeowners are looking for in their new fences. We ensure each fence is installed correctly and put in the best position to withstand the types of extreme weather that can hit the greater New Jersey area.

FenceUSA’s dedication to hiring and training technicians ensured each one understood the adequately of properly installing residential and commercial fences. Our team has developed under the Amechi brand and continues to provide superior service and value to our customers throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Trust FenceUSA With Your New Fence

Knowing who to trust to build your new fence is a significant piece of the puzzle homeowners have to contend with securing their property. These fences offer a combination of safety, security, and privacy that can elevate their homes to new heights. FenceUSA is proud to follow the Amechi Fence tradition of providing the best fences for the best value to our customers throughout the South Jersey area.

We take great pride in the value we offer our customers. For over 35 years, people have trusted us with installing secure fences and elevating the overall look of their yards with their new fencing. Contact our team to get your free quote and schedule your first appointment with us today!